April 4, 2017


Dave Hart                          


Tom Northrop WINNER
Rich Podgurski NonWinner


Fred Fleet former member of our Club and visiting from Florida. Fred and Karen are missed!
Lynn Manning guest of Joe Manning

HAPPY $$$:

  • Susan Price: happy to have Lynn here and she can come anytime even without Joe.
  • Bill Mesler: happy that the weigh-in was so successful for the Club ($$) also that Sandy’s Dance Recital in June, being held at Burgettstown High School, will be “opened” by Rich and MaryJo Podgurski’s granddaughter Lily.
  • Kathy Sabol: promoting Law Day contests for grades 2-12 and also the new “peeps” open to adults. Theme will explore how the 14th Amendment reshaped American law and society. Deadlines for entries is April 12.
  • John Hopper: happy to have Fred Fleet come “North” and so all are we.
  • Brandi Butler: going to the Pirate Home Opener and hopes there is NO snow.
  • Susan Priest: happy for Dental Insurance!
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg: happy for the great Bradford House Symposium featuring “Abigail Adams”
  • Erv Leppert: Sorry to have missed the Symposium but they were in Richmond VA visiting son Carl and family. Let’s face it….Erv and Paula miss those grandchildren…can’t blame them.
  • Karen Reese: happy for the time vacationing in Florida…actually we think she said it was GREAT!
  • Phil Morrow: happy to have received the card marking his Rotary Anniversary. We’re all happy Phil is a member of our Club.


  1. Bill Mesler announced the results of the Weight Loss Challenge. Teams were led by Liz and Mike met the challenge again and while weight loss got lost somehow the Club was with $564.84 raised by the Teams.
  2. Next Tuesday Meeting, April 11, will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at the same time. Suggestion try to come a little bit early in order to have hot food and hopefully no line.


Dave Kemp was inducted into the Club by Past President Brad Montgomery.  Dave was sponsored by Joe Marzullo as a Corporate Classification. Dave is with Shearer Heating & Cooling and we welcome him as a new member of our Rotary Family. Also just a note…being sponsored by Joe has raised the stock of the infamous “back table.”

Program: Rich Podgurski

President Elect Rich Podgurski took advantage of Club Assembly to explain some of the major efforts/projects that will develop during his year as President beginning July 1, 2017. Rich reported on information learned at the PETS Conference. Two projects will start his year based on the International Project of the new Rotary International President Ian Risley and our new District Governor (as of July) Steve Arnowitz.

  • International Project is a Tree Planting Project world-wide and we as a Club will plant 100 tree seedlings. Our plantings will be led by Aaron Wrubleski with help from Joe Manning and lots of volunteer planters!

  • Back Pack Project supported by the incoming District Governor and led locally by Liz Rogers. There will be 20 Back Packs filled with educational supplies and we will follow the format developed by Paula and Susan with the Shoe Box Project.

Rich then updated the Club on the Pavilion Project that begins with fund raising this year and continues through 2018-2019. Cost of the project is $800,000 with $100,000 to be raised by the Club. We were awarded $200,000 by the County through the slots money and we hope to receive another in the next round of awards. In addition, as a Club we are now at $25,000 raised toward our goal and are seeking a number of grants from various organizations and foundations. Architect’s drawings have been received and progress continues.

The Observer-Reporter will donate costs involved in building a website and advertising involved with the project and our fundraising efforts. Our Facebook page will be linked to the website and should attract more community interest and donations for the project.

Our President’s Night Celebration on June 6 will serve as an “official” kickoff to the Community and the Region as we partner with Tourism to spread the word as we bring the Club, the City, County and the Theater Group as we hope that with this restoration the pavilion will again become the center of activity in the Washington Community Park.

“Rotarians At Work” will insure the success of our projects.

The Rest of the Story

Park Burroughs
John Friedman delivered an informative talk on the history of modern radio at the March 28 meeting. But if you’d like to delve deeper into the earliest years of radio communication, I suggest you read “Thunderstruck” by Erik Larson.
Larson’s 2006 work of non-fiction tells how Guglielmo Marconi raced against incredible odds and relentless skepticism to perfect his invention of the wireless, which was the catalyst for the emergence of the world of communication we know today. As he did in his book about the 1893 Columbia Exposition, “Devil in the White City,” Larson interweaves the story of radio’s birth with a tale of murder, in this case the near-perfect crime committed in London in 1902  by Hawley Crippen.
Larson is a journalist and researcher, but, above, all a great writer, and his body of work is extensive.
Aside from “Devil in the White City” and “Thunderstruck,” I’d recommend the following:
- “Issac’s Storm,” about the deadliest hurricane in history, which leveled Galveston, Texas, in 1900
- "In the Garden of Beasts,” about Hitler’s rise to power
- “Dead Wake,” about the sinking of the Lusitania
Thanks to Bill and Susan Price for the club notes and Erin Jones for the photo...without you guys this would be empty!

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