Jauary 3, 2017


Jack Gallick            


Christy Rowing (sorry)

Bill Price (surprise)


  • Tripp Kline just happy it is 2017
  • Dorothy Tecklenberg happy their daughter is in Hawaii studying volcanoes while it is erupting; happy also to have gone scuba diving. Perhaps Dorothy would be happier if SHE were in Hawaii too!
  • Joe Marzullo happy to have watched his son march in the Penn State Blue Band during the parade and at half time (Rose Bowl Parade/Game for non-football fans). Also HAPPY to have a grandson, Max Joseph Congratulations to all!
  • Gist Wylie happy for the new magnetic signs for Meals-on-Wheels program and there are volunteers needed from 9:30-12:00. Step up and be a part of a great program
  • Susan Priest happy to have been able to visit family in Harrisburg for the Holidays, happy to have missed the end of the Penn State game and HAPPY for rain today rather than snow
  • Joe Piszczor happy for the great Uram Christmas/Holiday Party….Thank you Andy and Family


Dave Hart, Foundation Chairman, recognized Gist Wylie for achieving another level of giving and generosity…Thank you Gist.

After ending 2016 with an outstanding Christmas/Holiday Celebration and the Uram family gathering, the Club is ready to continue the activities started in 2016. As we begin 2017 and continue to work toward our 100th Anniversary Celebration our main focus will be on the Washington Park Pavilion Project in partnership with the City and County.

A couple pics from the Holiday Party


Program: Park Pavillion Program

Tripp Kline led the presentation and discussion on where we stand now and what our goals will be. Tripp gave us the first  “official” announcement that the Club was awarded $200,000 from the L.S.A. Committee. With that our next goal will be to reach $100,000 through as series of our most productive fund raising efforts and to garner support through public donations. The Rotary Foundation  will handle all of the donations, giving and paying expenses as needed and the project continues.

An initial first deposit of $10,000 was made to begin the fund. In Tuesday’s mail a check for $1,000 from a resident was received. In an all-out effort to reach our next goal, the following project will be expanded:

The Trivia Contest will be expanded to increase more teams, develop more “in house” ways to increase profits. Trivia will be held on March 3 and let’s all work to increase participation. Volunteers with ideas will be needed to support Kathy Sabol, aka Trivia Queen, is hoping to double the profits.  Committees will be formed and it is hoped Rotarians will volunteer to work on a committee where you may have already worked or for another area where expansion and growth are possible and please don’t wait to be assigned!

The All Star Basketball Game is another area where expansion and growth are very possible but it takes MORE effort and MORE participation….Brad Montgomery will need volunteers and will entertain any ideas to increase revenue from the game. If you live in the county in a school district not necessarily just Washington or Chartiers Houston….contact your basketball coach AND the senior players and encourage participation at the school level. There are schools not participating which is unfair to the players and we need to pack that gym this year.

The Black and Gold Tailgate will return in a modified version over the next 3 years (seasons)

5-K Run is coming and will be organized. Any takers?

It is hoped we can organize and carry out three (3) major FUNraising events in a year (or even 4). In the final year of the project a 100 year Anniversary Dinner will be planned.

Remember, as Rotarians, we always find ways to accomplish our goals. We work together, we do our share and we all bask in the light of great accomplishments for our community.

Now is the time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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