May 23, 2017


Bill Mesler                                              


Bill Mesler is happy
John Rodgers … so sorry John


Chief Wilson and Capt. Robinson of the Washington City Police Department guests of Christy Bean Rowing. Welcome to these men who have such an important role in the City.

Happy $$$:

  • Susan Priest after 367 days is allowed to return to the Blood Bank to continue donating and her personal goal of 300 donations of platelets.
  • Dorothy Tecklenburg happy to make the LAST tuition payment and tried to explain Sabrina’s dissertation and in layman’s terms she is a Rock Star (we always expected that).
  • Susan Price putting things back into some sort of order after Bill’s big celebration.
  • Tom Drewitz  happy to see Nat Roe at the meeting today
  • Bill Mesler a happy $5 to celebrate Sandy’s dance recital and happy Rich and MaryJo’s 3 grandchildren were involved; also went to California to be “warm” but there was better weather here at home.
  • Liz Rogers happy to get an “early” birthday card – birthday is in September…this will be corrected, sorry.
  • Betsy West promoting the Farmer’s Market rain drawing of $50 to the winner. Come to the Market and if it rains during the Market time or if the temperature hits 90 there will be a drawing held for $50 cash.
  • Michele Robinson-Riter happy to get little “reminders” to attend the meeting
  • Phil Rush happy Connie will watch Dancing with the Stars while Phil enjoys the PENS on the BIG TV!
  • Bob Hillberry happy NAT but also sad…just take my money!
  • Joe Manning let us know Tripp not with us because his Dad is not doing well again…this was NOT a happy dollar but rather a service announcement.
  • Erv Leppert just happy to donate
  • Rachel Lozosky after spending a full day at work was dining at Angelo’s and was happy to receive Gelato cake for desert…from Bill’s birthday celebration
  • Joe Piszczor President Joe happy to be winding down his “term and a half”


  • May 30 Awards Luncheon to be held in the Ballroom.
  • June 2-4 is District Conference at the Historic Summit Inn celebrating “Rotary Serving Humanity” Past, Present and Future.
  • June 6 is President’s Night Celebration at Washington Park Main Pavilion 6:00pm. Help is always needed, please contact Susan Price to see what you can do to help.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help with the "Run for Alex", held in Bentleyville on Saturday, June 3.

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Program: City Wide Development

Christy Bean Rowing, Executive Director of City of Washington City Wide Development Corporation gave an interactive program that led to explaining her role in all efforts to improve the City. Using effective flip charts Christy had the question “What would you do if I gave you 5 million dollars to spend on yourself?” Then the same amount of money to spend on a Rotary function and then after all considerations what would you change or improve with your ideas?
The intent was to give a prospective on the various project now in the “works” to improve the City and what could be done in the future will be accomplished with both planning and of course funding.
This was a GREAT program and it is evident that progress will continue under the positive leadership from Christy, a fairly new Rotarian and an active member.

Thank you, Christy, and thank you for being "a Rotarian at Work!"


Other Rotarians at work!

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