August 1, 2017

Late news...

Dorothy Tecklenberg is recovering from a riding mishap.
Get well wishes can be sent to her at


Dave Hart


Bill West, Sorry Bill
Uli Lange, Great for Visiting Rotarian


Uli, a visiting Rotarian from Colorado
Sarah Collier guest of Christy Bean Rowing
Rachel Gladden guest of Tom Gladden


  • PDG Tom Drewitz updated the Club on Zone 29 meeting activities. RI will begin process of reducing the number of Zones and individual Districts within each Zone. In the next 4-5 years it is possible District 7330 (ours) will be combined with District 7300 (Pittsburgh). In the past we have done District Conferences, PETS and other activities with 7300 and our working with them in advance makes the entire idea a bit easier…we “know” each other already!
  • Past President Joe Piszczor encourages all members to continue to sell the Cash Bash tickets for the September 9 event. Please also consider WHEN and for HOW LONG you will be able to “volunteer”. There is that word again!!
  • President Rich Podgurski announced the Club will be receiving $4,000 from the Olivia Scott Foundation for our efforts in selling the “Hamilton”/NYC tickets. Mr. Scott will present a check to the Club at a future meeting.
  • Bob Wicker has the Club “Up and Ready” for the PONY Baseball Souvenir assignments. Remember the Picnic is on Friday, August 11 at 11:30 at the Park in the KIWANIS SHELTER.

HAPPY $$$$$: 

  • Uli Lange found out Tripp could be a distant relative….Shocking!
  • John Northrop happy that he and Rose are new Great Grandparents as of this morning…a Girl, no name to report just know it is a healthy Baby Girl! Congratulations….
  • Christy Bean Rowing son turned 18 and now she has 2 of her children together and 18 for about 3 weeks (Irish Twins?). YES thrilled to have the new Downtown Manager Sarah in place and in the house today! Thankfully she now has someone in that position and it takes some pressure, not all but some off of Christy! Good news…
  • Bill Mesler happy for a good friend who found her birth daughter after 53 years and it was a great reunion! Have to be Happy for everyone concerned and Thank you for sharing Bill.
  • Phil Morrow happy to be celebrating a 67th Anniversary, a great reason to celebrate!
  • John Hopper happy for his wife winning a competition in crocheting…two awards and one in Chicago.
  • Susan Price happy for a 44th Wedding Anniversary!!
  • MaryJo Podgurski always happy to support her “kids” and the progress they have all made with creating tremendous learning activities to share with others. We were fortunate to have them share with us today.
  • Susan Priest happy to be progressing following her surgery and for the advancement of drugs that help to make this all possible.
  • Liz Rogers happy that Bill and Betsy West were able to sell her in-laws home after a succession of other realtors failed….Thank you Wests!

PROGRAM: Real Talk Performers

MaryJo Podgurski had her teen group Real Talk Performers perform their play with the theme of Civil Discourse. Civil Discourse, an appropriate topic in today’s world, was performed by the group with each member representing a point of view. In the end the issues of respect and debating with facts are key issues for each position. GREAT JOB as usual.
MaryJo operates the Teen Cneter in Washington and offers our youth a safe environment for discussion and problem solving. Funding is always an issue to maintain the program. Perhaps we need to support our youth and encourage their development by supporting a safe place and environment, helping these young people to grow into good and responsible citizens.

Click to check the volunteer list for the 2017 Pony World Series

  1. Picnic on Friday…come before 11:30 if you can as the ball players will be arriving about then.
  2. At the souvenir stand…a great and fun place to be. If it is hot there are fans to cool you, it if is raining you’re under roof, if it is chilly you are under roof and close to the refreshment stand for coffee
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