March 28, 2017


Bill West                                                   


Bill West a WINNER                                                    Joe Marzullo….Sorry Joe

HAPPY $$$: 

  • MaryJo Podgurski: happy for good responses for request for prom gowns; WANTED: tux with a 28 waist!
  • Susan Priest: happy for nature’s signs of Spring.
  • Betsy West:  back from seeing Mom in Florida and got her settled in; back home by way of Washington Hospital ER and unexpected gall bladder surgery. Great things to say about our local medical facility and treatment!
  • Erv & Paula Leppert: both happy to sit at the back table (more evidence of “class”)….even though he was giving happy $$$.
  • Mike Pecosh: happy for solid food now that the weigh-in is over; got to see his first PENS game where they actually skate on an icy surface sad news the PENS lost!
  • Tripp Kline: happy $10 because Hamilton is on the bill and of course as Sec. of Treasury he levied the Whiskey Tax  and in turn has created a good reason for the Whiskey Rebellion and the Winter Festival Music which just happens to be this week at the President’s Pub on Thursday featuring  18 Strings Band.
  • Bill Mesler: happy his son and family are on their way to Hawaii….he’d be happier if HE were there too????
  • Rich Podgurski: $5 to promote the Bradford House W&J Symposium featuring Abigail Adams (reenactor NOT the real one) at Old Main on March 31. Kim Hanley who portrays Abigail will discuss her influence on her husband and son as Presidents.
  • Erin Jones: promoting W&J program featuring book award winner on April 3 at 7:30.
  • Aaron Wrubleski: happy to recognize his 1st Anniversary as a member of Rotary! A good year!
  • Joe Piszczor: happy for upcoming visit of mother-in-law and that his brother is home safe from his latest deployment…Great time and reason to celebrate.


  1. Club Assembly next week
  2. April 11 meeting will be held at the Doubletree….same time but try to be there for noon.
  3. Orders for golf and dress shirts will be taken by Phil Rush (sign up for your choice)
  4. Pick up your ROTARIAN AT WORK t-shirt
  5. Roadside cleanup April 22…try to make it as it is Community Service but also lots of fun.
  6. President Joe announced a possible “Family of Rotary” event on Bird Watching hosted by a club member and Roy Ickes who spoke to the Club this winter. More details and a date upcoming once our host and Roy are able to schedule a date and confirm it.

PROGRAM: John Friedman

John Friedman spoke on his “Career” in radio. John’s theme was “Radio Killed the Radio Star”. John spoke of how his career began in Cleveland as well as the rich history of music on radio in Cleveland. WHK became #1 in Cleveland in music and became a top 40 station which began the trend nation-wide. AM stations were tops until FM began to take over in the 1980s. Also interesting were the facts about “radio W&J”. We all know KDKA began first in 1920 and W&J signed on LIVE in 1925. The future of radio rests in the hands of local stations (WJPA) due to their ability to act and react to immediate situations.
GREAT story and THANKS to John….Whoever said you have a voice for radio certainly was correct.

New book praises Rotary's role in fight to end polio 

By Sallyann Price

The narrative traces Rotary’s mission to reach all the world’s children with Albert Sabin’s polio vaccine, the formation of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), and the struggle to interrupt transmission in the world’s poorest communities, particularly in densely populated countries like India, which has not reported a new case since 2011.
“Polio eradication is a twentieth-century dream, conceived by idealists and driven by big international institutions and mass mobilizations of volunteers, working together to make a better world for all,” Bartlett writes. “It must succeed or fail, however, in a twenty-first century marked by factionalism, religious intolerance, and rising inequality.”
Aziz Memon, chair of Rotary’s National PolioPlus Committee in Pakistan, is interviewed about the challenges facing his country, one of the few where polio remains endemic and conflict has slowed progress. Carol Pandak, director of PolioPlus at Rotary headquarters, weighs in on the contributions of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in both funding and high-profile advocacy. Other prominent voices from Rotary’s GPEI partners chime in throughout.
Based in London, Bartlett has previously worked in politics and written for Newsweek and Wired. She’s produced documentary films and written nonfiction books, including a biography of musician Dusty Springfield and a collaboration with Anne Frank’s stepsister Eva Schloss on Schloss’ memoirs.

Thanks to Bill and Susan Price for the club notes ans and to Erin Jones for the photo!


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