August 22, 2017


Susan Priest


Joe Piszczor collected 

Bill Price, Sorry not today!


Sally Hillberry guest of PDG Bob
Mary Lyn Drewitz guest of PDG Tom
Dick Feldstein, former member and Club Friend
Today’s meeting/luncheon began earlier and ended by 12:30 to provide members the time/opportunity to attend the Memorial Service at the First Presbyterian Church to celebrate the life of Colleen Allison, wife of Bill Allison.  At this difficult time the Club reaches out to offer condolences and support to Bill and his family and the family of Colleen.


  • Dave Hart: happy to report Wanda is home after suffering a stroke last week. Please remember her and offer support by sending a note of happiness.
  • Ken Baker: basically apologized for winning a number of the 50/50s recently after 30 years of paying into the 50/50 and also happy for Wanda Hart being back home.
  • Sally Hillberry: is happy to be at lunch with Bob and Rotary Friends and also she didn’t have to cook.
  • Karen Reese: happy for a great and successful PONY World Series and thank you to all of the Rotarians who volunteered and there is THAT important word again!
  • Bill Mesler: happy his friend (and friend of Rotary) John Campbell had a guest visiting this weekend and they donated $100 to the Park Pavilion fund.
  • Susan Priest: happy to see Dorothy Tecklenburg out and about after her surgery and reports that prescription drugs you are no longer in need of can be disposed of at the W&J Security Station.
  • Brandi Butler: survived playing 7 Softball Games on Sunday leaving her in need of “special care” to recover and so glad the doctor was able to take care of her so she could turn her head.
  • Nan Sninsky: happy to be driving a new car for the first time in 11 years and has only $1.00 because she IS driving a new car. Drive your new car with safety and happiness!
  • John Tecklenburg: happy DOROTHY is now home and soon may be able to “do the stairs” which is a great report from Nurse John.
  • Dick Feldstein: happy to return to his former Club and see friends. Dick said “old friends” but we prefer “longtime friends” sounds a bit better. For those of you who don’t know Dick, he is a former Club President and had his optometry practice in Washington for years. Would you believe he traveled from the Highland Park section of Pittsburgh every day and never saying no to a volunteer situation. Good to see Dick again.
  • Susan Price: happy for Wanda Hart, Dorothy Tecklenburg and for Dick visiting this week. Let’s hope he comes back again soon.


  • Joe Piszczor encourages all to sell-sell and sell the Cash Bash Tickets and VOLUNTEER time as a list is circulating.
  • Brandi Butler has forms for the Club Awards and also those nominations from last year are available if you wish to revisit those nominations you submitted last year. PLEASE participate in this effort to nominate candidates for Community, Vocational, and International Service.
  • NEXT MEETING August 29 will be the visit by District Governor Steve Arnowitz and wife Colleen. Plan to attend next week and help to support the District Program and also show pride in what our club accomplishes each year. DG Steve has two projects for the District to support. 1) The 999 Club which asks all clubs to donate $999 to help to provide updated filters to supply clean water in Thailand. 2) Back packs with school supplies for children in Venezuela but due to the political unrest the alternate is to have each Club provide school supplies in each Club’s community.
  • President Rich and the Club will support the funding of supplies for the Washington Park Elementary. Bill Mesler will chair this project and President Rich is asking all members to donate at least $10 to purchase art supplies for the school. This can be a very worthwhile project as this is often the first part of the curriculum to be cut back.


  1. Supporting EDUCATION is one of Rotary’s six areas of focus?
  2. That we support the DICTIONARY PROJECT for Grade 3 and over time the Club has distributed 8,520 dictionaries to schools in our extended service area?
  3. That we have supported summer feeding programs for students?
  4. That we have supported the Lemoyne Center Educational Programs?
  5. That we support our local library and its programs?
  6. That our scholarship provides an incentive for academic and community service?
So let's support the purchase of the supplies that most teachers provide at their own expense due to cuts in school funding (at all levels)!

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